With Germinus, the guarantees toward our investors are based in:

- The solidity of our management team as well as our ethic basis.
- The business picture on which Germinus is based, conceived as a "futureproof", that is, a company of new generation that responds to the future market where only the best professionals will remain and succeed.
- The systematic performance of the goals assigned by ourselves.
- The firmness of our projects together with a strategy of product portfolios and professional services that diversifies risk and business opportunity, as well as the orientation toward the exploitation of the best assets in both off-line and on-line worlds.
- The control of all the phases of the project: In Germinus we classify ourselves as a "pure incubator", undertaking from the phase of fixing the concept until the projects launching and monitoring, with a complete technological implementation for each project.
- The solidity of our partners and the alliance strategies, bringing an international dimension and accessibility to technologies and services that we implement in our incubated projects.