Starting from the moment that Germinus identifies and begins the incubation of a project, it becomes the ally and strategic partner of the entrepreneur. Germinus counts on an experienced team in the creation and launching of business in Internet, as well as a solid and professional technological platform, Germinus Solutions.

In order to attain the guaranteed success of the projects, we have at the disposal of the new one the best Germinus professional team, offering support in the following areas:

�Business: Germinus directs and reinforces in a strategic way the business model in order to optimize the feasibility of the project with the best performance in a less time possible.
�Technology: For each project, Germinus counts on a powerful technological support offering the suitable solution and platform in a personalized way.
�Marketing: Germinus provides a market strategy on line which permits a leader position in the market as well as optimum and guaranteed results.
�Financial: Germinus counts on the necessary ressources for starting each selected project being the investment suitably canalized.
�Alliances: We have at the disposal of the entrepreneurs all the strategic alliances reached by Germinus at an international level.